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Saturday, March 26, 2011
Guanyue 之 FAQs Part #1~

Do you have burning questions of/for your fellow gy-ians that you feel that you can never know the answer? Take this chance to clear or you can choose to exemplify your misunderstandings! Presenting Guanyue 之 FAQs! (Part 1) Feel free to add more :D

  1. They always say huijing is a lesbian, does she really likes girls?
  2. Is Jiayu from China?
  3. Does Liying really likes leopard prints so much?
  4. Clarissa & Jiechong; whose nose bigger?
  5. Jiechong+Clarissa+Veron+Gerome; Why do they always come as a package?
  6. WHO the hell is elfy? Is he Geoffrey? Perhaps Yiqi?
  7. Why are some people forever blushing(xiangrong) and some are forever laughing& falling down to the floor(jiechong) and some are just unamused (haipok,gerome)
  8. Why guanyue girls so loud and crazy yet always say they are demure?
  9. What is dating within Guanyue like?
  10. Who Jieting likes! (Hint: look at qn1)
If you think you have the answer, you can post it on the tagboard~ the most brilliant answer wins a kiss from whoever you want to get it from (gy only!)

note: above qns are just for entertainment purposes OR NOT, please have a light heart when reading :D

12:16 AM;

Sunday, March 20, 2011

JUST FOR LAUGHS! seasontwo
(purely for entertainment purposes only, do not attempt to seek revenge)

(when they still wore shorts! click on this, you need a closer view!)

(explosively demure)

11:39 PM;

Saturday, March 19, 2011

JUST FOR LAUGHS. seasonone
(purely for entertainment purposes)


3:41 PM;

Malaysia Trip 09


Heres the 2009 Malaysia Trip diary, written by our dearest Clarissa!!

(I found it as a draft on blogger, apparently Clarissa never published it)

Here goes....

Date: 14th March 2009
First day of DHSCO annual overseas trip. :D Everyone gathered in the school foyer at 7.30pm in their respective teams – blue, red & yellow. Linda came to send us off because she is not going for the trip & she conned a lot of people into thinking that she is going for the trip. (LOL.) The bus came later than our scheduled time and dragged us slightly behind time. No harm done, we still proceeded to Malaysia with high spirits! :D

The trip, to even Singapore customs, took a long time. It was a Saturday morning and there was many people going towards Malaysia. Though it was expected, it still dragged our schedule way behind time. We were stuck in the jam for an hour before we finally reached the Singapore customs. Then we proceeded to the Malaysia customs which was, as expected, another station that will take us a lot of time.

It was nearing 2pm as we arrived for lunch, about an hour behind our scheduled lunch time. Everyone was hungry as all the three buses reached the restaurant for lunch. Finally getting our stomachs filled. Everyone was chattering & tucked in to the food when it finally came. 郑老师came around to the tables checking if we finished our vegetables. And he fed Keewei vegetables because their table didn’t finish them! (LOL.) Our table managed to finish them up because of –cough- Yiqi’s brilliant idea and other people playing scissors paper stone to decide who eats the veg.

Stomachs filled, and then we proceed on our long journey to Kuala Lumpur – The Summit Hotel. However on our way there, it started raining at around 4pm. Perfect weather to sleep in the bus and there we go on our way there. :D

Finally we reached our destination! We all gathered at the lobby. After being assigned all our respective rooms, we left for a short rest and to put our belongings in our rooms. After a brief cleaning up, we met downstairs again. And our bus came to send us to the buffet dinner by the organizers. It was nearing 8pm as we reached there. A few of the organizers gave a small talk and then our buffet dinner started. :D

At the dinner venue, I thought that yayapa (or was it yapapa?) was a fake fruit. And Jieting told us about the story of yayapa/yapapa. (I can never get its name right.) But anyway it’s good for our body so we ate a lot 8D

After that we had the buses to send us back to our hotel. There was a commotion about the case of Huijing’s unglam picture and it was eventually circulated around the whole guanyue! (Poor Huijing, its Jieting’s fault :D)

Upon reaching our hotels, we had a half an hour short break for cleaning up. So we went to Jieting’s room for water parade. The 蓝队队长(s) debriefed both GY and DYB for the day. Our behavior on the bus was quite okay. We paid attention and kept quiet immediately after Jieting, or our tour guide, started talking into the microphone.

However, the bad thing was that we were slow in getting on/off the bus. In another words, we took a little longer time to settle down on the bus. Also, we didn’t do very well in terms of moving around as a whole. This is one aspect we have to improve in as we have to walk together as a whole and not getting cut-queued by other 乐组(s) as it will slow down movement and eventually leading to some people lagging behind. Next, the luggage unloading/loading process wasn’t quite inefficient. And we have to be more careful while crossing the road as well. We also have to make sure that we eat only when told, or after we see teachers eating. Also, before we start our meals, we have to say ‘老师们吃!’ before starting on our own meals. Lastly we must finish all the vegetable (to pass zhenglaoshi’s spot check around the tables haha).
With that, they ended the debrief and we were sent back to our respective rooms to for sufficient rest for tomorrow’s concert! :D (& advance party. ._. )

Day two. 15th March, 2009. The day of the performance is here. As part of the advance team, I had to wake up earlier than the rest to proceed to the concert venue earlier. We unpacked the shengs, checked for any problems with it, and by the time we finished, the rest of the orchestra has reached the concert venue.

We prepared for our rehearsal and then it was soon the time for our first performance at 3pm. Songs for the first show consisted of 泪别阳关(junior high),老天爷下甘雨(senior high),二胡齐奏:《天山风情》, 吹打:《黄河之水天上来》,古筝齐奏:《秦腔》 and 《将军令》,扬琴齐奏:《乡村抒怀》and for combined we had 《Di Tanjong Katong》,《茉莉花》and《东海渔歌》.

Our dear Jieting (hi Jieting you’re reading this right now :D) got emo when we’re about to go on stage for our泪别阳关! Huijing got (rather) affected as well. But we love you seniors 8D
Before 《东海渔歌》, guolaoshi started interacting with the audience because djy was taking a long time with their instruments and standing positions. It was quite a successful attempt at interacting with the audience because they were quite responsive to him.

Halfway through our encore piece, 骏马奔驰, there was a lighting problem and the lights went off. It was a good thing everyone remained calm and still continued playing.

Anyway, the holding area wasn’t exactly of the cleanest environment. Thus, the holding area of guanyue changed a few times. First time was the room with a lot of dust that even had footprints when we stepped on the floor. Then we shifted to the balcony. Windy, but the floor was very dirty with bird droppings and thus not suitable to sit down to practice. Thus we moved to the empty area behind the rooms and settled down there.

After we had lunch, zhenglaoshi decided to let most of the orchestra go back to the hotel since it was very hot over at the concert venue. On the bus to the hotel, we squeezed many people on the bus. And the bus went very, very, very low as it made a turn. Wow it was... scary. But anyway, we got our rest before our next performance and that was a good thing. As least we feel fresher and more energetic! :D

Before the second performance, guanyue started taking a lot of pictures, which included failed sheng photo because Weicheng took Yiqi only when we (shengs) were all posing for the camera. And also suona/dizi photos. Everyone was practicing longteng when we knew we had to play that as a second encore. (Except for the shengs who had no scores. D: )

And thus, our second performance at 7pm started. It was somewhat emptier than the first performance. But nevertheless we still gave our best for the performance. Audience response was good therefore we had our 龙腾虎跃 second encore after骏马奔驰. 郭老师even went on stage as the 领奏for龙腾虎跃! Our impromptu龙腾虎跃, under the 领奏 of 郭老师 himself, was a success and the atmosphere was very ‘high’. All the backstage people not involved in combined orchestra crowded around the backstage area as well. It brought the atmosphere to a higher level as 郭老师 touched many with his music as a few teared as they witnessed this second encore.

On the next day, we were debriefed about our performance on the second day. Due to the excessive number of times we had to change holding areas, our behavior turned rowdy. Our biggest problem is that we cannot settle down quick enough. Also, we like to complain. (I think it’s quite true too and I’m partially guilty for that. Sorry D: ) Also our behavior backstage reflected badly on us as we did not control ourselves and were noisy backstage. Even though the seniors told us to keep our volume down, we only did so for a few moments. After a while, our noise level resumed back to normal. Judging by our performance for the concert, we really have to 加油 for our SYF which is coming like, real soon. That was all the seniors commented about us for our behavior on the second day.

Day Three. 16 March, 2009 – The day we leave Kuala Lumpur for our second stop, Malacca. In the morning, we were given morning call at 7.20am. Then our respective 小组长will come to check our rooms for any lost items in the room and that we’ve packed everything already. After everything is clear, we went down for breakfast at our hotel. Had a full breakfast for the long day awaiting us :D Assembled at 8.40am and than we are supposed to have our luggage loaded by 8.50am. Then we boarded the bus and we set off for Chocolate Boutique. (Yay chocolate!)

First destination: Chocolate Boutique.
Time: 9.30am!

We had a tour briefing us about the history of the chocolate and the making of the chocolate etc. After that we were given a time to shop for the chocolate we want :D So after spending (a lot of) money on the chocolate, we set off for destination the second, KLCC!

Second destination: (A spot very far behind) Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC!
Time: Approximately 10am!

The Petronas Twin Towers is a hot spot for photo taking in Kuala Lumpur. Thus we took a lot of photos there. Be it, landui photo, guanyue photo, batch photos, instrument photos, or even unglam photos of people –cough- :D After occupying (a lot of) camera memory space, we left for shopping!

Third destination: Central Market (for shopping!)
Time: Approximately 11am!

Had shopping and pockets emptied (okay lah not that bad but yeah :D) at Central Market. Before that we were told repeatedly to keep our bags close to ourselves. And then we split into our shopping groups and went searching for the best buys of Central Market.

After all the shopping we gathering and proceeded for lunch. Had a little delay on the bus as there was a small miscommunication between the tour guides of the bus. But we still got to the lunch venue anyway. After that we went to Putrajaya, which the tour guide has briefed us on, as the bus drove past the magnificent buildings and road decorations. Putrajaya is a central governing area which was built in 1993. It is really a pretty place and we had photos taken there as well.

Fourth destination: Putrajaya
Time: Approximately 3.30pm!

We had our CO photo taken there as well. After which everyone broke down into smaller groups and started taking a lot of pictures as well. All the customary group photos, instrument photos, team photos, batch photos etc. However, the sky was turning gloomy so we had to go in a short time. D:

After that, off we go towards Malacca! With that we bid goodbye to Kuala Lumpur and headed towards Malacca! Most people were tired by then, so we all rested on the bus and slept half the journey there. Had our dinner when we arrived at Malacca too. Next we had shopping, part two! This time at Pahlawan Megamall! (It sounds really awesome for shopping though we didn’t get much stuff.) We split into shopping groups again as we toured the whole place with time limit of only one hour. We assembled (on time) and than we proceeded to the resort – Everly Malacca Resort. It was nice on the outside, but rather eerie inside, especially at night. Thus we walked in groups and were assigned our rooms.

Had water parade and everyone who came in commented on our big room. And all the shoes stank up the whole place. D: The team leaders debriefed us about our day as usual. One good thing: we were mostly on time. But the same problem occurred for all the previous days, we took a lot of time to settle down. Also, the movement up and down the bus was also very slow. Some of us talked when the tour guide was briefing us about the history of Malacca and about the sightseeing places, thus it was a bad behaviour displayed. Another good point is that we are often on time for shopping. However, while assembling, we tend to cluster and thus blocking the entrance of the shopping malls.

Thus with that, we ended the water parade and everyone left for their rooms. We had to get enough sleep to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s packed schedule :D

Day four: 17 March, 2009. The day of fun at the beach! Firstly, we gathered at the hotel lobby and proceeded for a river cruise after breakfast. It was approximately at 10.15am when we reached and then we positioned ourselves in the river cruise, which Yiqi claimed was a river boat, in the lifejackets (a thousand other people used before us). On the boat, we went pass a lot of places with historical value and learnt more about the history of Malacca as well.

It was a 45 minute cruise ride and we arrived at around 11am. We started to take pictures and after a while, we started our walk to Jonker Street. We had free time to walk around and shop along the street before we had to meet for lunch. Bought some T-shirts and it was so cool. Almost all guanyue people bought the same kind of shirt :D And then we played around with hats and most of the guys came back with cowboy hats!

Lunch was chicken rice balls with a lot other dishes. It was at around 1pm. And after that we went back to our hotel to prepare and change for our next activity at the beach! Dressed in PE shorts and dark colored tops, we went to the hotel ballroom for the activity briefing. We knew that we had to be split into random groups across the orchestra. But it turned out fine, and I had three other guanyue people with me! In my group there was Eunice, Dorothea, Yiqi, Melissa, Jiaxin, Xiaowen and Kiang Gei. And we played Captain’s Bomb, in which the ball was actually replaced with water bombs. Or water plastic bags. We got all wet and dirty but it was worth it :D Jieting bombed me because me, Liqin and a few others buried her deeper in the sand :D We played against other groups as well, which meant we played against guanyue people as well. (& Jiayu’s group made me wet right in my face! LOL) Songshan’s group was the ultimate losers, and had to go out in front of the whole orchestra for a forfeit, in which he pole danced :D The initial plan was that the winner was able to bomb them with the leftover water bombs. But they changed the plan and aimed it at the rest of us instead!! Everyone was tired, wet, dirty, but happy.

We went back to our hotel rooms to get ourselves clean, and ready for the nigh cohesion! For the first game of the night, everyone had a number tagged to their backs and a piece of paper. This game was called Indian Poker. We couldn’t see our own numbers obviously, so we pulled people of the same number together. I was with Shining and we went around hunting for the other people and we found Keewei! Our sentence was ‘My name is James Bond how are you? I am fine.’ It was very high and everyone became damn funny with their facial expressions because we’re not supposed to talk!

The next game was scissors paper stone game. We had different levels, and all the levels were proudly demonstrated by our dear Jieting, who happily acted out the story of a gorilla, learning ballet, and then going to Hawaii, and ending up doing some weird dance, lastly gaining enlightenment! :D It was super crazy and chaotic. Everyone just went around shouting and playing with other people. It was a fun game and definitely brought most people closer. The atmosphere was very high and everyone had so much fun :D

A few incidents with regards to the two games; firstly I gained enlightenment, but I did not know what to do so I continue playing with other people and demoted myself!! But in the end I still won again and finally realized that I was supposed to go to the other side! The forfeit of this game was only for those who remained as gorillas at the end of the game. Our dear Huijing and Shixun were being honest and ended up doing chicken dance in front of the whole orchestra. Huijing claims she is very lousy at scissors paper stone. But incidentally she is good at chicken dance eh? :D (Huijing is going to kill me) But it was a very fun game and bonded the whole orchestra across the different sections as well as within the section itself.

Last part of the cohesion night was the group skits. Each group is to come up with a different skit and to perform it. The theme is to entertain Mdm Ilyana. DYB came up with imitating different people, which included Mollie, 郭老师, and Biyu. Zhengzu came up with different commercials, which was the same concept as us guanyue’s idea. Xianyue did the dance which included 调音and二胡stuff. TBY did similar things as well. DJY had some clapping thing and Weiteck climbing up from his wheelchair and stuff. Guanyue was so cool, Jianming’s mocca advertisement, Melvin’s curry house, Songshan + Haipok’s silkair advertisement and of course our GUANYUE CHOIR :D Lastly was the year 6-es which their skit included jumping patapons and meeting monsters, and a bottle of coke.

At the end, Mdm Ilyana gave the whole orchestra a long talk, marking the end of our annual overseas trip. Our trip 09 was over just in a few short days. It had brought everyone closer and this will definitely be part of our memories for the rest of our lives.

Had water parade after the whole night cohesion ended. The team leaders did not want to dampen our mood so they did away with the ‘emo’ talk. Curfew was at 1.30am so everyone hanged around till it was about time to proceed back to our own rooms.

Day five, 18 March, 2009 which officially marks the last day of DHSCO overseas trip 09. Being my first time travelling overseas with DHSCO, I’ve enjoyed the few days greatly. I feel like guanyue is a part of my life, thank you all my seniors who have let guanyue feel like a family. :D (I feel blessed to be in guanyue yay 8D)

Anyway we went to the red houses. Took pictures there and then learnt more about its historical background. Next we walked to the church and climbed up the hill where the guanyue guys started carrying each other on their backs. It was a hilarious sight as they carried each other up the stairs. (& the hill had a lot of steps by the way :D) It was really a funny sight when Haipok pinched Kueifu in the neck when he carried Haipok on his shoulders and Kueifu was complaining about it! We took shopping group photos up on the hill before climbing the stairs down to the shopping mall once again.

After that we met for our last lunch at Malacca before heading for Singapore. Sad, but we have to leave already. Thus, we left for the customs. The way back was slightly better than the way there as it was less packed this time. However, our bus was delayed by the checking of buses by the customs. We hanged around taking pictures before we were stopped by the customs officers. (opps.) Finally after an hour plus, our bus was finally ready for departure!

The bus ride back to school was rather slow because we were caught in a massive traffic jam. Jieting & Yilin’s attempt to make us emo was rather failed because they started asking us to sing. People who went in front were: Jiechong, Huijing, Looihan, Yijing & Daniel :D It was really fun and I’m really happy to be in guanyue. :] Yilin couldn’t resist the temptation and started singing as well HAHA. & Jieting sang with Jiechong. (Hm did you, Jieting? :o) ‘Jie’s power hahaha! Reached back school after like a real long time so it was getting dark already. Did a guanyue, we blow cheer before leaving. (Guanyue we blow cheer is adapted from ‘Shengs! We suck!’ okay! 8D)

Ta-daaaaa, our Malaysia trip ’09 is hence over. D:

Clarissa, 日记’09

(Jieting wanted me to post the riji up on the gy blog so yeah.)
I wonder how many will actually read it. -.-
There's a total of 3589 words 8D

(& I officially set the record for longest GY blog post ever!!) :D
Bear w my grammar errors yeah? So sorry. ):

3:14 PM;

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra Woodwind and Percussion Ensemble is proud to present,

《鼓音竹韵'10》Verdant Dreams '10

Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra Woodwind and Percussion ensemble is proud to present their first comeback concert after more than a decade! The ensemble, well renowned for its vigour and spirit, will be bringing to you famous pieces such as The Yellow River Cantata (黄河之水天上来), King Qin’s Victorious Campaign (秦王破阵乐), as well as many more sensational pieces! Brace yourselves for an experience like never before as you witness groundbreaking performances by the most anticipated ensemble from one of the best Chinese Orchestras in Singapore. Be empowered by the energy, and inspired by the spirit of chuida! See you there!

Concert Details:

9th May 2010
Singapore Conference Hall

Performance pieces:

Leyenda (Percussion)
鼓乐 (Percussion)
黄土情 (Suona)
江南好 (Dizi)
欢乐的牧场 (Sheng)

To preorder tickets, email us at dhsco.chuida@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!

1:14 AM;

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Haven't had enough fun this Christmas?


This festive season, let SHIC liven up your Christmas! Immerse yourself into a strong festive atmosphere with amazing games like 'Santa is feeling naughty tonight' and 'Let it Snow'! Well of course that is not all, what else do we have for you? Come for SHIC to find out for yourself!

Date: 28th and 29th December
Time: 28-9am to 5pm 29-9am to 9pm
Venue: DHS campus (meet at atrium!)

Remember to be dressed in DARK COLOURED TEE and wear shorts!

Bring along...

$8 for SHIC tee
Extra set of clothes
Water Bottle

Hohoho, hope to see you there!

(2010 SH members only, muahaha)

7:57 PM;

Thursday, December 03, 2009
Update on plans!

Some updates for our plans:

GY chalet! It will be on 22nd to 24th, BBQ date will yet to be confirmed. It's at the Aranda Country Club and room number will be passed down days before the chalet! Plans for the chalet activities are yet to be discussed among the year 3s :D Oh and really really sorry that the chalet is on the weekdays! :X

And Jixun is on 14th to 18th, just reminding once again :D TYDH! On the 18th, a friday and remember the proposals are to be in by 5th! Yeah, I think i extended it by a day O.o So jiayou! And GY shall win the cooking competition! :D (btw it's this cooking competition that we are supposed to cook a dish per group for about 30 people for the TYDH! Yes! No buffet this time! More like potluck! :D GY has 2 groups and apparently both groups are going to cook at Jieting's house! Thank you jieting! :D)

Thank you! (:


10:38 PM;

Friday, November 06, 2009

Yup here's the CO form. Click to enlarge. :)

11:00 PM;

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey 唢呐s! :D
There is a 唢呐 concert coming up by SCO.
The Three Suona Virtuosos, 吹破天 concert
fyi, Virtuoso is a person who excel in musical technique or execution (Lol I learnt a new word)
It is on 20th and 21st November, 8pm at SCH
The performers are 周东朝,郭雅志,靳世义
The conductor is 叶聪
Ticket prices are $13 or $18 (:
The pieces that would be played are:
1)赞家乡 (首演)


1)黄土情 :D
2)梁山随想 whoo


It'll be a very good exposure to all of us, and since by then everyone would have ended the school term, we should go together right! :D


11:23 PM;

Sunday, June 07, 2009
YEAR 1 BONDING ACTIVITY '09 (june hols)

Huijing the almighty is here to revive this ultra dead blog, once again!

And the topic for discussion is none other than the year 1 bonding activity! Lol our cute juniors. Omg I lost the art of blogging already. Let the pictures do the talking ba.

Assembling in for Mr Wong's talk lol, all the year 1s...



...What is Eunice doing? O.o

What is Jiayu doing too omg lol. o.O

Conclusion: Only bangdis are normal.
Supporting evidence: Well, you don't see any unglams of huijing, yihui or tong right? :D


Whoops sorry ah boot! LOL.





...And I forgot who won in the end LOL. But applause, guanyue could be heard screaming like banshees from along the path outside CO room towards hostel gate! LOL.





(removed :O)

:D Qudi vs Bangdi? AHAH!



All the guanyue people except Yijing (i.e. Yihui, Jiayu, Eileen, Benjamin, Linda) are doing weird things in this photo o.O

"Ah? Balloons?"



Erh because I was station master, so the only photos I took were:

So emo lol. -_-

This is my foot when it was still normal. -_-!




ALL NEW in the Linda the P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E (nope not prodigy. ahaaah)Series: Xiangrong! LOL. Whoops.





Xiaozzs '09 photo: Introducing...Yihui!


And this is specially dedicated to...xD

...Dizi zipai photo spamming time! Sorry ah shengs suonas.

FAIL. Yihui's mouth??

MEGA-FAIL. What..?

Dizis girls photo, but, FAIL AGAIN. Huijing's eye??

AND FAIL AGAIN. EH this photo would be very nice, IF Liu Yihui wasn't floating around somewhere behind so eerily! Omg. I know lah, ahliu, you wanna leave the other hole for tong right xD

Fail again, because Eunice says she looks bald wth lol.

Hehe pass pass, very nice! Most normal de okay.


Random year 4 shot #1:

Random year 4 shot #2:

Full Year 4 station masters + facils photo:
From left, third row: Lim Jie Yi, Kow Hui Nee Rebecca, Linda Shen Lin, Phua Kian Ming (an indiscreet blur), Liu Yi Hui, Ng Yong Jing (another indiscreet blur), Lim Shu Hui Eunice, Goh Xiao Jun Sherlyn, Teoh Jia Yu

From left, second row: Chow Jau Loong, Hong Yue Heng, Lim Xiao Wei Charmaine, Chen Wan Ying, Woo Yun Zhen, Wang MinMin, Tan Kening Ngawang Kunzang, Han Hui Jing, Chong Yi Jing, Sng Ei Leen, Lim Sihui, Pearlyn Loh Min Xian, Yang Muni

From center, front row: Zhang Zong Yi

Aiyah I'm damn tired of typing. -_-

...And incomplete guanyue year 4 batch photo :(

And also, the usual routine:



...and we took this for a while, before realising the ACCURATE version of qian shou guan yin SHOULD BE...


These are the guanyue year 4 family + relatives + associated relations family photos...

...With no teeth...

...and with teeth...
eh someone please label because i forgot all the relations except like 女儿,夫人,情夫 LOL

Most importantly,
From the left, third row: Kwok Yee Ther, Linda Shen Lin, Chong Yi Jing, Lim Shu Hui Eunice, Chia Xiang Rong, Teoh Jia Yu

From left, second row: Ng Li Ying, Gan Hui Min, Sng Ei Leen, Benjamin Tan, Han Hui Jing, Liu Yi Hui

From left, first row: Tan Yun Han Vanessa, Angela Phoon Yan Ling, Wang Qi, Wong Yin Hang, Wong Jun Wei

Okay super tired of typing le. SPECIAL FOOTAGE: forfeit videos + year 4's ___________, to be revealed! :D


5:52 PM;